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Freight Broker Prospecting System

While prospecting you can also post your jobs to  one of the new leading niche job board for the Freight & Logistics-Supply Chain industry. Job ads distributed to several top job boards. We have broad branding services to maximize results, a significant source for qualified logistics candidates, and your company will receive an exceptional return on investment.

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The Employment Market Has Changed and It's Time to Change with the Employment Market.
Freight Broker Prospecting Video

Freight Broker Prospecting System (FBPS)


The employment market has changed. This system and process allow you the opportunity to introduce yourself or company to the community and gives you the additional affordable exposure so you can find the Right Candidates.  


The Freight Broker Prospecting System (FBPS) will let you search the neighborhood, street, city, and state of individuals living near your company place of employment, or deep dive into remote work from home candidates.

​ The Freight Broker Prospecting System (FBPS) will provide you with emails, phone numbers, income range, and other important information that you can use as a Recruiter or HR Manager to find the right candidates in today’s employment market.

Our goal is to provide you with as much additional information as possible so you can make informed and educated employment decisions.

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