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As the CEO of TranMazon our company goal is to create a world class freight broker training program.

Our Freight Broker On-The Job Program (OJT) is designed to let you get the required training and experience so you can have a successful Freight Broker Career.

On-The-Job Training Program includes the following:

  • Access to Online Training Center | Self-Paced | Click Here

  • Review Training Curriculum | Click Here

  • Access to a Real Best In Industry Freight Broker

  • Live Monthly Training with a Freight Broker

  • Access to Transportation Management System


Earn While you Learn Training Program:

  • Guaranteed a Virtual Freight Broker Partner Owner Slot

  • Must participate in Online Live Monthly Training

  • Up to $180,000 Yearly) | CLICK HERE

  • You can pay the Required Daily Operation Cost of $6.63 from your operation profit based on performance.

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Freight Broker Training

Freight brokers play an important role in keeping supply chains functioning and moving goods across the country. Brokers connect shippers with carriers and handle the logistics involved in moving freight between companies, warehouses, distribution centers, and stores.

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