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For those still on the fence, here are my top three (3) reasons why you should become a freight broker or freight agent.

Let’s face it, the logistics and transportation industry keep the world turning. We need trucks, trains, and ships to get food on our table, put a roof over our heads, and power almost every aspect of society. If you want to make a difference in the world and sharpen your logistics skills, a career as a freight broker may be a good fit for you.



Finding a career that does not require a higher education degree is rare. To be a freight broker, you only need a high school diploma or GED. Associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees are not required. Most importantly, you possess the skills, enthusiasm, and commitment to the job. Some professionals enter their careers as interns or trainees. Other professionals transition from different roles in the freight logistics industry.

Since you are not required to spend years at a university to apply to be a freight broker, you don’t have to worry about taking out student loans for this career. Also, freight brokers, particularly those working for a logistics company, don’t need much to start working. All the equipment you need to start your career as a freight broker is an internet connection, a phone, and a reliable computer. You will also need a license, insurance, surety bond, and process agents, but if you work for a logistics company, you don’t have to handle those costs alone. The best logistics companies will manage those expenses for you to have everything you need to succeed.

Freight brokers do not need a lot of equipment or space to do their job – just a phone, computer, internet connection, and transportation management system. If you work for a company, the monthly overhead costs are covered. If you work independently, you will need to pay for these expenses. However, the overhead is still low compared to many other entrepreneurial jobs.

According to, the average national salary for freight brokers is $62,105 plus about $28,000 in commission per year.  Freight brokers provide the essential services of connecting shippers and carriers to move goods. No matter the state of the economy, freight brokers are in high demand.

Freight brokers have the luxury of setting their hours so you can achieve the work-life balance you deserve. You earn commission based on the loads you cover, and the amount of time it takes to arrange a load depends upon your work ethic and the market.


Freight brokers can work anywhere with a reliable internet connection. You can work at home, in a dedicated office space, or while traveling the world.


Freight brokers have unlimited growth opportunities. You choose when and how much you work, and there are no commission caps. Freight brokers also gain valuable experience they can take to other careers.


As the vital link between shippers and carriers, freight brokers are essential societal members. As a freight broker, you can feel fulfilled knowing you help keep supply chains flowing.

On any given day, a freight broker’s job includes strategizing, creativity, problem-solving, and ultimately saving the day. It’s natural to feel a rush of excitement when you thwart an impending disaster or arrange the perfect solution in a seemingly impossible quandary. Many freight brokers find the work both rewarding and fun.

Freight Broker Training

Freight brokers play an important role in keeping supply chains functioning and moving goods across the country. Brokers connect shippers with carriers and handle the logistics involved in moving freight between companies, warehouses, distribution centers, and stores.

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