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What is a Freight Broker?

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What is a Freight Broker?

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A freight broker is a middleman between shippers and carriers. Instead of taking possession of the freight, the broker facilitates communication between the shipper and the carrier. They’re the ones making sure the handoff goes smoothly between carriers and shippers, and that freight arrives safely, on time.

Shippers like working with freight brokers because they have a single point of contact from point A to point B while their freight moves to its destination. Working with a broker eliminates the messy process of negotiating with a carrier, planning routes, and tracking freight. Carriers also like working with freight brokers to optimize their routes and minimize deadhead miles, boosting their earnings in less time.

Freight brokers use their expertise to improve delivery times, prevent damage, and increase your supply chain efficiency. These brokers offer lower rates because they combine the freight volume of all the shippers they work with, negotiating lower rates that they pass on to their customers.

When do I need a freight broker?

If you’re shipping freight right now without a problem, it might not be the right time to bring on a freight broker. It depends on your business and industry. But if you’re looking to improve your shipping process, a freight broker may be able to help in these three situations.

1. Cost reduction

Worried about costs? You aren’t alone. Shippers live and die by their margins, and cost reduction is one of the most popular reasons shippers hire freight brokers.

Freight brokers are experts at freight. They have the experience and connections to optimize your supply chain, finding easy wins that slash your costs—passing the savings on to you. 

Plus, freight brokers are consultants. You can bring them on to help you as needed, so there’s no need to hire in-house employees to handle your shipping. Flock Freight does this with our experienced team of logistics experts and cloud-based computing, speeding up the shipping process to save you even more money.

2. Capacity

Every business wants to grow. But if you’ve grown too quickly and have a hard time managing freight, you might need a freight broker. A freight broker steps in and lends a helping hand to your logistics when you’re up to your eyeballs in work.

If you need to process a huge influx of freight in a short window of time, a freight broker has the expertise to handle it for you. It’s a great solution for seasonal businesses, too.

Avoid speed bumps as you scale your business. Use a freight broker to consult you as needed when you’re at capacity. Flock Freight can remove the overwhelm of shipping freight when you need us, so you’re always covered.

3. Time and quality

Time is literally money in the world of shipping. If your freight isn’t delivered on time, it can have serious consequences for your entire supply chain. A freight broker will work with carriers to optimize their route, eliminating costly delays.

Plus, freight brokers have procedures in place to minimize any damage to your cargo. If you’re shipping fragile, time-sensitive freight, a freight broker can get you to the finish line without the headaches.

“Welcome To The New World of Freight Brokering”

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