Learn the proven system and road map towards success in transportation brokering, from experts in the field! No matter the state of the economy, products will always need to be shipped. The United States transportation shipping industry is a $600billion+ industry, and the demand for freight brokers and freight broker agents is on the rise! As a freight broker you can work from home or anywhere that has a computer and a phone.


Review the Federal Government website to learn more about how to become a License Freight Broker in the USA..

Click on Private Services below to Schedule In Class Training or book a time to get answers to   your additional Freight Brokering Questions.

Top Freight Brokers earn up to $200,000 Yearly.


As a Trainee you can schedule unlimited Live Ongoing Consulting with Mr. Collier and Company Trainers, our training program is self paced and designed to let you Earn and Learn at the same time.



You will be responsible for your one time Home Office Operation Setup fee (HOOS) of $399.00 for the year that covers ALL of the below Home Office Operation Tools and Resources. Please call 888-476-4732, if you have additional questions. 
1. Live Freight Broker Consulting
2. Transportation Management System (TMS) 
3. ShipNOW and PayLATER (Money for your  potential Customers)
4. Freight Insurance 
5. Freight Bond 
6. Carriers Verification / Compliance System 
7. Account Receivable / Payable System 

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