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How to Become a Freight Broker

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Experience or No Experience the Freight Industry wants you. Freight brokers play an important role in keeping supply chains functioning and moving goods across the country. Brokers connect shippers with carriers and handle the logistics involved in moving freight between companies, warehouses, distribution centers, and stores. has a one of a kind On-The-Job-Training program for 90 days that is designed to let freight broker candidates get the proper skills and knowledge required to become a successful broker. assists individuals with getting their freight broker license, becoming their own boss, or getting the right job and career.

Option 1: Work Under Freight Brokerage License Company

Option 2: Get your Own Freight Brokerage License

Getting your Freight Broker License is not required to start your career as a Freight Broker, it’s smart to get some experience in the transportation or logistics industry. Many brokers get that by working as truck drivers or working for a trucking company. Others work in logistics to get on-the-job training before going out on their own.


At the end of the day, you can start your freight broker career by signing up for On The Job-Training Program.

How much do the average Freight Brokers Agents earn?

Established brokers can make six-figure salaries. The average freight broker salary is $65,000 as a base with commission adding another $45,000 with a total of $110,000.


Getting the right Freight Broker Training: has one of the best in the industry training program and below are a few training subjects:

· Transportation Management System

· Transportation law

· How brokers connect shippers and motor carriers

· How to find customers

· Accounting and record-keeping practices

· Financial controls and compliance

· Sales and marketing

· Business structure

· How to set up a freight brokerage business On The Job- Training program provides you with the comprehensive training needed to gain valuable knowledge for building a successful freight brokerage or freight brokerage agency. This freight broker training course is designed to educate the student about the foundational aspects of brokering shipments. From learning the laws and terminology, setting up your business, learning about valuable tools and software, contracts and forms, how to find shippers and do ratings, and much...