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Career Development Courses

If you’re looking for a job, promotion, raise, or maybe just to sharpen your skills – start here! With these certified career development courses, you will be on your way to becoming a better employee, boss, and a thorough professional!

The topics covered in our various career development courses include but are not limited to:

  • Administrative procedure & support

  • Project management

  • Assertiveness & self-confidence

  • Being a likable boss

  • Effective planning, goal setting, & scheduling

  • Corporate behavior

  • Giving effective feedback

  • …and more!

With 24/7 access to online courses, you’ll be able to learn whenever, where ever! You’ll improve your skills in no time. Take the first steps towards becoming a better professional today!

Computer Skills Courses

In today’s highly connected world, online communication is an integral part of the workplace. There is one essential skill which employers are consistently looking for in potential employees, a skill which is increasing in importance every day: 2 words – Computer Skills.

Switch-on the computer at home or at work with a new found enthusiasm and confidence after learning the basics from Microsoft Word to Excel and PowerPoint with these simple courses that help you learn new computer skills in no time.

Culture Courses

The existence of various cultures and their diversities and ethnic demands must be catered in today’s business world in order to truly do business on a global scale. Your awareness of cultural differences, language, environment, religion, and social norms is vital to building strong relationships with individuals and organizations of different cultures and working in different regions of the world.

Our Culture Courses are specifically designed to enable and empower you to better understand and communicate with people belonging to different cultures. Check out our Chinese culture course and Mexican cultural awareness course to increase your awareness and enhance your knowledge about these two major cultures of the world.

Chinese Cultural Course:

China is a major player in the world economy and there is no country in the world that is not in business with the Chinese. This course will provide in-depth knowledge of Chinese social and professional life, Chinese business etiquette, language, trends and Chinese customs, and traditions.

Mexico Cultural Awareness:

Mexican Culture has undergone a massive transformation over the years. The Mexican culture course will enhance your knowledge of the driving forces of Mexico. You’ll learn about the Mexican language (Spanish) their values, family, cuisine, custom and traditions.

Entrepreneurship Courses

Learn how to start and manage your own business and become a successful Entrepreneur with courses that will help you understand all aspects of Entrepreneurship. From writing your first business plan to raising funds and managing your business, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of everything that takes place behind the scenes of a successful business venture with these courses for Entrepreneurs.

Health & Safety Courses

Well being of employees and maintaining their safety at the workplace is an important responsibility of any organization. Several countries around the world require a business with 5 or more employees to create and maintain a Health & Safety policy to safeguard its workers from untoward incidents that could have easily be avoided by proper training and following of safety procedures.

Learn the importance of a Health & Safety policy and how to create a safe working environment for your employees with these Health & Safety courses. Whether your workplace is a construction site, factory, school or an office, these certified online courses will help you create a secure working environment for all your employees.

Health and Wellness Courses

Improve your health and well being and maintain your work-life balance with certified health & wellness online courses that will help you build your physical fitness and mental strength. From mindful walking to harnessing the power of positive thinking, these certified courses will help you beat the stress of life or work and program your mind for success and happiness.

Human Resources Courses

Start a rewarding career in Human Resources and develop skills that you need to become a HR professional with certified Human Resources online courses that will help you shape the future of your organization through hiring, on boarding and training of employees.

Learn important topics such as recruitment, hiring strategies, talent management, creating a positive work environment, creating a training needs analysis, annual reviews and much more.

Management Courses

It doesn’t matter if you are yet to embark on a role in management or if you’ve been there for years, there is always skills that you can learn to become a better manager and successfully perform your management role.

If you’re looking to become an effective, well-respected and inspiring manager, these certified online courses are just what you need to help you develop your management skills and learn how to become an effective leader.

Key skills that you will learn from Management courses are:

  • Managing change

  • Conflict resolution

  • Employee dispute resolutions

  • Employee motivation and recognition

  • Employee termination

  • Delivering constructive criticism

  • Meeting management

  • …and more!

Your management style has the ability to affect so many people both below and above you. Start your journey to being a more efficient manager today, pick your course now!

Marketing Courses

Whether it’s your personal brand or your companies brand, how it is marketed matters. Fully throw yourself into the world of marketing with these certified marketing courses that will help you learn every aspect of marketing and how to successfully market yourself and your brand. 

The right skills to market yourself can be hard to find when technology is changing every single day. Even if you’ve been in the field for years, there are still new skills to learn.

Key skills that you will learn as part of our Marketing courses include:

  • Branding: Creating & Maintaining

  • Branding: Online

  • Adwords

  • Market Research

  • Using psychology to sell more

  • Social media in the workplace

  • … and more!

Being well marketed is the key to any successful business. If you’re ready to elevate your marketing presence online and in the real world, pick a course today!

Psychology Courses

Life throws so much at us that at times it can feel too much to handle, it affects our behavior and influences how we act and react to certain things. Learn how the human mind operates and ways in which it influences our thinking, actions and behavior with these certified psychology courses online and learn some of life’s most essential skills.

  • Parenting

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • How to love a job even if you don’t really love it

  • Stress Management

  • Persuasion Strategies

  • Communication skills

  • …and more!

We ensure that all courses are taught by the best of the best. All of our psychology courses are taught by celebrity professor, Paul J. Cline, psychology expert, and businessman.

Sales Courses

Learn how to become an effective sales professional with certified sales online courses that will help you master every stage of the sales process. Our sales training programs have helped thousands of sellers, from sales personnel to managers and team leaders to improve their sales skills and increase their numbers significantly.

With these sales training courses you will learn the best techniques to adapt at any stage of the sales cycle – from prospecting to negotiations, closing and follow up, and building a strong client relationship and guaranteeing repeat business.

Supply Chain & Logistics Courses

Supply Chain & Logistics contribute billions of dollars to economies worldwide and involve specific skill-sets in multiple disciplines. If you are working in the Supply chain industry in any place, adding more relevant skills will not only add and strengthen your resume, it will increase your value in the organization.

Whether you want to learn inventory management, procurement, and purchasing, get started with the Six Sigma certifications, or learn basic business process management. Our training courses are designed by experts to help you learn and improve yourself and your organization easily.

Usually, to attend these pieces of training by industry experts would be out of reach due to it being extremely costly. Our mission is to enable you and your organization by utilizing the power of technology, through world-class trainers, at a fraction of the cost.

Become certified, strengthen your profile and enhance your professional life by consistently improving processes and people. Not only do we believe in bringing affordable and quality training courses to you, for each course you purchase, we also donate a course to someone in need, on your behalf.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)


Our 120-hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) online course is CPD accredited has been developed by our expert CELTA certified and experienced instructors and mapped to international standards. The 120-hour online course is internationally recognized and will fully prepare you to teach English (or your native language) anywhere in the world.


Our TEFL Certification keeps in perspective the demands of both, a beginner instructor looking to enhance their teaching skills, to a more experienced teacher wanting to upgrade to a teaching job online or abroad. The online course is perfect for anyone looking to teach online, for a career change, or for those who want to follow their dream to travel the world and soak-in different cultures while teaching a foreign language to non-native speakers. With our online TEFL, you can get your accredited certification at your own pace.

The TEFL online course covers all aspects of teaching English as a foreign language and provides a complete introduction to the world of TEFL. The entire course is conducted online and is designed in such a way that learners who are non-native English speakers can get an additional second TFL (Teaching Foreign Language) certificate to teach their native language by completing a few grammar modules in their mother tongue.

In addition, there are several exercises that will give you insights into the way tasks should be set up for your own learners, and gain a good working knowledge of the English grammatical system, as well as an awareness of the techniques and skills required to be a successful language teacher.

Train the Trainer Courses

Training and development is a high in-demand field requiring a multitude of skills along with industry-specific knowledge and amazing communication skills. But where do the trainers learn from? The ever-evolving landscape requires today’s trainers to stay sharp and consistently learn themselves, to further facilitate learning and training for others.

Train the Trainer courses are designed to well… train the trainer. Our online training courses will enable trainers to learn new skills and improve existing skills from a trainer’s perspective. Meaning they’ll be further able to impart this knowledge train others on the same trainers and facilitators.

Usually, Train the Trainer (TTT) courses are extremely expensive. Whether you are an independent trainer or part of an organization that expects you to train their employees, our online Train the Trainer courses are tailor-made to help you learn key skills and develop more trainers in the industry. Our mission is to enable you and teach you by utilizing the power of technology, at a fraction of the cost.

Become certified as a trainer, strengthen your profile and enhance your professional life by consistently improving and learning new skills. You can choose to learn a specific skill or focus on the basics with our Train the Trainer course. Not only do we believe in bringing affordable and quality training courses to you, for each course you purchase, we also donate a course to someone in need, on your behalf.

Training & Development Courses

It is no secret that today’s workers are required to possess multiple skills and wear multiple hats at work. Linear approaches to work methodologies have long evolved from the post-industrial age and now training and development is a core function of HR and a vital part of organizations.

Highly trained and multi-skilled employees are the name of the game when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Even if you are your own Boss, consistently learning and polishing skills is vital for success.

Until recently, registering for training programs in high-end hotels by expensive trainers or even conducting in-house training by HR was a costly but necessary solution. Our mission is to enable you to train your entire workforce by utilizing the power of technology, by world-class trainers, at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are looking for call center training, or customer service training, looking to train your staff on diversity, coaching, mentoring and communication skills or you are looking to motivate your workforce and improve teamwork, we have a course for you!